When not photographing Weddings Mike is available for portrait and lifestyle shoots. Mike will be there to guide you along the 3 steps to creating the perfect portraits for you and your family.

Step 1. Plan

Step 2. Shoot


Step 3. View


The first stage of your portrait photography experience begins with a complimentary portrait planning session. This is our opportunity to customise and plan every detail of your photography shoot. Mike will discuss his different styles of photography and the appropriate clothing for your chosen style. Mike is open to all ideas on personalising your shoot. We will discuss the finished prints and how to present them for you to enjoy and hand on to future generations.

Black & White Studio


Mike’s daylight “Kitchen Studio” is a fully equipped comfortable space where you can relax and express yourself - with my help and encouragement of course. Daylight can be more flattering than studio flash, it helps to create a more natural look and provides a more relaxing atmosphere which is especially important for photographing smaller children. Studio Flash is available to create a different style.


Outdoor/Location Shoot


A location shoot provides opportunities to add mood and narrative to your portraits. Choice of location can say a lot about your lifestyle or your interests and really embellish your pictures. You might like to choose your favourite outdoor space. Alternatively Mike will suggest suitable locations.


A week after your shoot you will return to view your portraits. Mike will carefully edit and prepare the best images and guide you through the options for presenting them as wall hangings designed to fit your home. Once your order is placed your portraits are hand finished and expertly printed and framed. Your fully finished portraits are ready to collect within two weeks.

Shoot Fees: £50 for singles or couples, £70 for families. Applies to studio or locations within 10 miles of Caversham.