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"Wedding Photography is a total joy for me; when I go to work I get to spend my day with fabulous people having the best of times. it is a real privilege to share this experience. Of course, I understand that with this comes an absolute responsibility to my clients. A responsibility to capture the best images that I can, images that will capture the emotion, and atmosphere of each couples personal story. This is the challenge I set myself every time I photograph a wedding"

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I believe absolutely that as a wedding photographer my role in a wedding should be unobtrusive. That is why I will never impose myself on you or your wedding day plans. I want you to enjoy your day as you would want, without compromise. 


I believe that to be successful as a wedding photographer you must love being around people: photographing people is part photographic skill and part behaviour: It is what I do behind the camera that gives people the confidence to be themselves in front of the camera. People comment on how relaxed I am, how comfortable I make them feel - even when looking down the lens! It is this confidence that helps me achieve beautiful, real, pictures that reflect my clients personalities and their love for each other.




Mike grew up in London (south of the river). “I like to call myself a Londoner, but the truth is that I haven’t lived there since I was twenty-one”. Having moved around the UK, Mike has now made his home in Berkshire where he lives with his partner Alison and their three children. 


In a previous career Mike was a research biologist, travelling the globe and scouring the natural world for new medicines. “Working as a scientist was very rewarding, but I came to a point where I couldn't see myself working for big business for the rest of my life - I wanted to see if I could do something more creative, and photography was my opportunity”. With the support of his partner Alison, Mike left science to launch Mike Legg Photography in 2006 and never looked back.




Mike has qualified as a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society, the British Professional Photographers Association and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. 


Mike has photographed over 300 weddings, from small intimate hotel settings and garden marquees to grand palaces. His work has received much critical acclaim and he has been the recipient of numerous awards including second place in the UK wedding photographer of the year 2011.


Mike is currently working on his first book.