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Mike has won dozens of national awards as a documentary photographer. "I am passionate about working with couples to create pictures that encapsulate the true spirit of their wedding day. The journey starts with a phone call, so if you want to know what I am about, the best way is to get in contact. I will answer all of your questions and recommend a package of photography to suit your particular needs. In the meantime here are the short answers to some questions I am often asked".

Do you travel?

Yes! I am based in Berkshire and the majority of weddings I photograph are at venues in London and the South-East. But I photograph weddings across the UK and abroad

Are you full-time?

Absolutely. Photography is my profession and I work on it week in week out. I don't have a weekday job to supplement my income, I am totally reliant on photography to pay my bills and feed my kids. As such, you should expect a completely professional service from me. 

How long have you been a photographer?

My parents gave me a little box camera to take on a school trip when I was ten - it started my lifelong interest in viewing the world through a lens. In the late 90's I signed up for evening courses and began the transition from hapless amateur to competent enthusiast. Six years on, with a string of course distinctions, I decided to leave my job as a Science Researcher to pursue a career as a photographer. Having spent a year honing my skills and training with the top people in the business, I launched my wedding photography business in 2006  - I have never looked back. 

How would you describe your photography style?

Some would call my style documentary or reportage or photojournalism. For me this means that my pictures have a narrative - they tell a story. I love classic portraiture and fashion photography, so undoubtedly this influences my style, plus I try to finish my pictures with an artistic quality. However my style is defined my approach is always about connecting with people and creating intimate, truthful, emotive pictures of people. Of course, the pictures tell their own story; have a look at my portfolio and see whether my style matches yours.

Do you take group photographs?

Yes. Although I am noted for my documentary style, I understand that most couples like to have some more traditional group photographs of family and friends. I enjoy taking these pictures; the key for me is to keep things relaxed, be professional but make it fun for your guests. With the help of your ushers I will manage your group pictures without fuss and in the minimum space of time. 

My wedding is in the winter and I am worried about light - is this a problem?

Not for me, I relish photographing winter weddings! It is a speciality of mine. Yes, light levels can be low in winter but this can give rise to some great atmosphere. While some photographers chose to fill a scene with harsh flash light, my technique is always to photograph with available light which adds depth and character to my photographs. Natural light is also more flattering for portrait style pictures. I have invested in the very best camera equipment for photographing in low light conditions..

I am uncomfortable about posing in front of a camera, is this OK?

Most people have some level of self-consciousness when asked to pose for a photograph (myself included). That's why I won't ask you to pose - unless you want to! You can expect to spend a short period of time with me after your ceremony when I will take pictures of the two of you together. I want these pictures to be unique and special to you, so I won't be asking you to adopt generic poses, instead I will be allowing you the freedom to be yourselves. Together, we will get fantastic portraits style photographs, even fashion style, where your personalities will shine through. 

Do you work alone?

Yes. Usually. The essence of my approach is to be unobtrusive and therefore I won't turn up to your wedding with other photographers, assistants and lots of cumbersome equipment. In my experience I am perfectly able to get a comprehensive coverage of the wedding day working on my own. On occasions I have used a second photographer where it was important to a client that they get photographs from two locations at the same time. Please ask for details if you think you would benefit from having more than one photographer at your wedding. 

What wedding albums do you offer?

I offer the very best quality wedding albums.  Your album will be designed by me and manufactured from the best quality materials according to my bespoke design. The album design stage of the service I offer is very important: I will listen to you and design an album to represent your style and tell your story. I believe that a wedding album should be much more than a collection of photographs. It should be a timeless and elegant portrayal of your wedding day story. 

Are you insured?

Yes, I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Wedding venues often insist that photographers have public liability insurance, so you might want to check with any photographer that you are considering for your wedding that he/she is covered.

What qualifications do you have?

Before turning professional, I studied Photography to City & Guilds level, gaining distinctions in all except one module, and HNC level. I have also obtained Licentiateships with the Royal Photographic Society, The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and the British Professional Photographers Association.

Do you shoot video?

No, I am purely a stills photographer. I believe that to produce great wedding photos it is important to specialise. If you are interested in a video record of your wedding then I recommend hiring a specialist videographer. I am very used to working with videographers to ensure that you get the best video and photo coverage.

What preparations will you take before our wedding?

With every package I offer a pre-wedding consultation. This is time unlimited, and If possible, face-to-face. During this meeting I will seek to understand as much as I can about your wedding; who is who, the timings, the style and what will make your wedding special and unique to you. The value in this meeting is that I will get to understand exactly how to photograph your wedding and produce an album of pictures that will truly reflect the essence of your day. This meeting is also an opportunity to discuss any photo requests that you have.

Having the opportunity to hang out together, drink coffee and chat about your wedding is a great way to get to know each other and build the relationship - which is why I never put a time limit on the meeting.

Do you offer a pre-wedding photo-shoot?

Yes. This is an added extra that I am very happy to provide. Some couples want a full location shoot that can be turned into an album of pictures. But most want to use it as an opportunity to build their confidence in front of the camera, and this works really well for them. Please contact me for details.

How do we book?

To secure my services I require a booking fee of £500 and a completed contract. The booking fee is subtracted from the final balance, which is due 28 days before your wedding.